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HR Change Projects

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In a world which is both fast-paced and forever changing, organisations need to transform in order to stay competitive. Working in partnership with you, we will support you to achieve your businesses short and long term objectives. Below is an example of the typical HR change projects we get involved in.

Click here Restructure

In many organisations restructuring occurs simultaneously alongside recruitment and redundancy and therefore requires thorough workforce planning as well as excellent project management. Total HR will support you from the outset; ensuring the effective management of the entire process, legal compliance and also ensuring your employees remain fully informed and engaged throughout the transition process.

Click here Recruitment

We are able to provide support at each stage of the recruitment process, ensuring you get the very best people for your business. Our support includes:

  • Job Analysis
  • Job Descriptions and person specification
  • Attraction Methods
  • Managing the applications
  • Psychometric profiling matched against predefined ideal candidate profile
  • Selection of the candidates
  • Being part of your interview panel
  • Developing and issuing contracts to new candidates
  • First 100 day coaching for the successful candidates

Click here Redundancy

The very word “redundancy” can be hugely traumatic for employees within a business if not handled correctly.

Total HR can work in partnership with you to ensure that any redundancies you are planning are managed sensitively, fairly and well; ensuring statutory requirements are fulfilled and your remaining employees stay committed and loyal to your business.

Click hereGrievance

Total HR will support you through effectively managing a grievance which has been brought against your business. Working alongside you, we put in place a grievance procedure which will help protect you against any claims for extra compensation for not following statutory procedures.

We also have a team of specialist mediators, who are able to identify and encourage mutual solutions for both parties without the need for an employment tribunal. Grievances can be incredibly destructive to relationships so we work closely alongside you to quickly smooth out conflicts.

Click here Capability

Working with our sister company, t-three, we can support you in managing underperformers and to raise the capabilities of employees within the business.

Click here Sickness and Absence

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) 2011 Absence Management Survey highlighted that the average level of absence is 7.7 working days per employee per year.

Total HR are able to provide you with recommendations to help you implement techniques to reduce absenteeism and the cost to your business.

To review the 2011 CIPD Absence management survey please click here.

Click herePerformance Management

Total HR are able to work with you to develop and implement a yearly performance management process which is both hugely beneficial to your business and your employees.

Performance management classically focuses upon the tough conversations that need to happen around poor performance. However research demonstrates that it is the top performers who are often most dissatisfied with the process and the discussions around their growth and development.

Our performance managementl programmes create a culture of high performance at every level within your business.

Click hereResourcing Strategies

We work with you to look at what people and skills you currently have in place and what your business will need into the future; identifying talent and skills gaps and how these can be closed.

Click here Talent and Succession Planning

We are able to work with you to look at how you can keep hold of your most talented people, putting in place plans to make sure that the key jobs in your organisation always have someone ready to take over, if and when someone leaves. This results in great continuity for your business, reduced recruitment costs and happy employees who know your business cares about their on-going career development.

Click hereKeeping your Staff Happy and Engaged

The facts speak for themselves - improved levels of employee engagement walk hand in hand with an increase in business performance. Highly engaged employees always go the extra mile to do a great job and show a real passion for their work. Research shows that in highly successful organisations, 70% or more of the workforce record these attitudes.

Using our validated employee engagement diagnostics we test employee engagement levels across your business. If necessary, we can work with you to implement the right employee engagement initiatives, which will go on to enhance staff commitment and motivation levels into the future.

Click here Reward Projects

At Total HR we help organisations to develop and implement realistic reward strategies which are tailored to your business need and will have a positive impact on employee engagement. Our reward project work includes areas such as:

  • Remuneration advice
  • Pay and Grading Structures
  • Reward strategy
  • Bonus plan design
  • Pay benchmarking
  • Long-term incentive plans
  • Non-financial reward initiatives

Click here Flexible working

Flexible working arrangements thrived during the UK recession as employers tried to find ways of reducing operating costs without resorting to compulsory redundancies and losing their best people.

Flexible working is certainly on the up and Total HR are here to provide you with guidance and ideas around flexible working arrangements that will suit both your business and your employees.

Click here Mergers and Acquisitions

In a world which is both fast-paced and forever-changing, businesses need to transform in order to stay competitive and perform to their peak potential. From two organisations merging together to a change in organisational focus or direction, we can help support you through the minefield of business change employment legislation.

By utilising the expertise of our sister company, t-three, we are also able to work with you to align and implement your desired organisational culture.

Click here Outplacement

Total HR provide a range of outplacement options which are individually tailored to prepare individuals for an internal or external move. Our absolute focus is around ensuring people are supported through this difficult time and feel your business has treated them fairly and with consideration and integrity. Our outplacement options include:

  • An initial outplacement coaching session
  • Psychometric Testing and career motivation profiling to identify the types of future roles individuals will excel in
  • CV review and preparation coaching in self-marketing and personal resilience
  • Interview preparation coaching
  • On-going coaching and mentoring until client obtains new career position
  • First 100 days coaching once in a new job to help individuals succeed

Our outplacement services have proved to be highly valuable in what is very often a traumatic time for both individuals leaving the organisation, and those who remain within your business.

Case Study

Total HR were asked to assist with a TUPE transfer and provide strategic business support for a merger that had been identified at risk of failing two weeks before completion. More